Let’s Choose the Right Plywood for your Modular Kitchen

Planning to design a modular kitchen for your brand new home? Before you go for kitchen equipment hunting, you should sit with your interior designer and decide on the ideal plywood for your kitchen.

Here are some factors that you need to focus on before purchasing the plywood for your modular kitchen:

  • They should be Durable: This should be on top of the priority list. What’s the use of a pretty designer cabinet if it falls apart just few months after being a part of your kitchen? Or a wall rack that comes off within weeks after installing it? Your kitchen needs durable, strong and heavy duty plywood that would make for great interior furniture pieces comfortably last for a good amount of years. Timex is amongst the best plywood manufacturers in India where you will get to purchase good quality durable sheets for your kitchen.
  • Resistant to Water: Water is one element that you simply cannot avoid in your kitchen, whether it’s for cooking, washing or simply keeping cold dishes out from the freezer on your cooking station.  So kitchen is naturally the place where the moisture levels are always quite high. Most major plywood manufacturers in India suggest to go for water-resistant quality plywood sheets or else you will have to face the problems of worn out doors, insect affected wall racks, borers all over the kitchen cabinets, moisture fungus on the wall racks etc.
  • Should have Fire-Retardant Properties: Fire in a domestic kitchen is a common occurrence and it unfortunately can have devastating effects on you and if you place oven and microwave on the wooden surface that is not fire-retardant then the whole scenario can be highly dangerous. Apart from improving safety standards, usage of good plywood sheets will also give you peace of mind where you can cook without any worries and tension.
  • Termites & Borers Resistant: You definitely need to save your kitchen from the harmful and destructive termites, borers, insects… plywood sheets resistant to all of the mentioned elements mean that you will have a safe and sound kitchen where you can work comfortably without any worries.
  • Eco-friendly: Plywood sheets that are not only of superior quality and durability, but also something that is cruelty-free and not at all harmful for the environment.

Published by Timex Plywood and Doors

One of the verticals of brand Timex, Timex Plywood & Doors is known for manufacturing and supplying finest quality of plywood and doors to customers. Timex Doors are pre-pressed using Latest Technology, while the core of Timex plywood is made from Gurjan hardwood logs imported from Southeast Asia.

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