Simple Ways to Add Plywood Elements to Your Home Decor

Indian furnishing is fond of wood furniture in the home arena. Since woodworks have always been a part of Indian homes, it is quite simple to add those traditional to modern plywood elements to complete your home decor look. But as the designing models for furnishing has been changing, families are confused on what to opt for as an additional woodwork that matches everything.

Here is a list of something that you can really look at:

1. Casing door frames or room entrance with plywood

The idea of using a dark, rich shade of wood case on every room entrance or doors would definitely add to that royal touch at home. Look at the top plywood brands in India that provide interior services of wooden door cases with unique decorative appeal. Styling every entrance of different rooms will create a lovely experience of being home. Also, these are easy to clean and maintain for years if you select a quality, termite proof wood.

2. Partitioners for praying rooms

Like every part of home, Indian families love to decorate their praying room with beautifully painted walls, peaceful looking furniture, flower hanging space and so much more. So, to this, if we add an attractive partition made of wookword, wouldn’t that be great? Well, they don’t just come in greater outlined designs but also colors and sheets to add to.

Considering the idea, you can also make your entire praying room entrance carved with plywood designs like an entrance to a temple, for example. You could also opt for such artwork made of plywood into your bedroom space or modular kitchen space or your balcony; just as you like. Discuss about what you prefer with your interior designer and select the best shade of wood art that can complete the outlook to your room.

3. Wooden blocks as wall decoration

Even a simple block of plywood can be used to decorate your house walls to give it a brick effect, somewhat like a cafe wall. Yes, that’s actually not as difficult as it sounds! You can create a wall texture by adding different colors of plywood blocks to it parallelly giving it a brick-like effect and making it extremely ravishing to glance over. And, your guests are going to love it too. Plywood manufacturers in India design plywood of many colors like dark brown, matte brown, black, yellow and even grey to make it simpler for you to choose for this type of wall decoration.

4. Plywood trays at wall edges for showcasing

You must be aware of glass trays randomly placed around your walls at any height to place a showpiece or any craft adding up to your interiors. You can replace this design with a wooden ply tray instead that has a shiny polish, flat rich shape and an elegant design. The best plywood company in India would suggest adding such trays above a TV cabinet, living room or bedroom wall edges. Using them you can showcase art, craft, lights or any decorative items to enhance the beauty of your home.

Published by Timex Plywood and Doors

One of the verticals of brand Timex, Timex Plywood & Doors is known for manufacturing and supplying finest quality of plywood and doors to customers. Timex Doors are pre-pressed using Latest Technology, while the core of Timex plywood is made from Gurjan hardwood logs imported from Southeast Asia.

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