How to Identify Best Quality Plywood?

Are you looking for plywood for interior decoration but confused about what parameters to check? For classic home décor, the right choice of raw materials is necessary for a good finish. Hence, home decorators always insist on choosing the top plywood brands in India. The demand for plywood has been rising again as the paradigm shifts towards quality wooden furniture. 

Steps to identify the best plywood

The plywood manufacturers in India have listed the key points to consider when it comes to selecting the best quality plywood in India. The interior decorators always use this checklist to select the raw material for décor to give the space a lavish and upgraded look. It includes:

  1. Determine in which area you want the plywood to be used: This could be a particular room or a specific area 
  2. Check for certification mark: Top quality plywood always comes with an ISI certification. The plywood planks come with different grades which specify different properties like water resistance, waterproof, hardwood etc. 
  3. Application of veneer: Veneers can be easily attached to wooden veneers to provide a luxurious look to your space. 
  4. Surface: Plywood must be examined for the smoothness of its surface and an even variation of the thickness. 
  5. Sound: The plywood manufacturers in India suggest the decorators check the hollowness of the plywood sheet by knocking it in the middle. 
  6. Side-check: Decorators must also examine the sides of the plank to ensure there is no gap in the plywood and all corners have been equally polished. 
  7. Check a small piece: Before placing a large order, the decorators must ask for a small plywood piece for different tests. It helps to know the core of the material. 

Select a thoroughly tested raw material

Refurbishing your space; home, office or any other place is a time-consuming task. As plywood is becoming a popular choice for modern society, many customers want to decorate their space and give it an aesthetically appealing look. Hence, before purchasing the raw material for furniture, the home interior providers perform multiple types of tests on the top plywood brands in India. The best quality plywood in India is checked for multiple tests like thickness test, water test and nailing test done with a hammer.

Although the plywood manufacturers in India are known to provide durable and long-lasting material, it is always good to ensure the quality of the raw material before putting it into actual use. This protects the decorators and ends consumers from being cheated in frauds and scams which is a major area of concern in the wooden industry. 

Purchase Optimum Quality Plywood 

The home decorators always insist on checking the plywood with a small piece to understand the core of the material. Timex Plywood and Doors is the best plywood manufacturer in India that cater to plywood demands for multiple clients. We use the latest machinery to craft planks of top plywood brands in India. Our craftsman checks the material for all types of tests to give a quality product to the decorators. To get the correct raw material for your décor, just reach out to us.  

Welcome, All With Awe, Designer Veneer Door to Your Grand Place!

With your place décor becoming a valuable part of your accommodation/ workspace, how can one leave the door behind? The wooden work is now said to be a crucial element of the overall look and gives an aesthetic appearance. It is a known fact that the utilization of optimum quality plywood with pleasant finishing touches can add colours to your place.

Why go for designer laminated doors in India?

The plywood dealers in India are happy with the numbers and belief of people in wooden furnishing for their prime projects – whether home or office space. As per available data, the designer laminated doors in India which is an integral part of the plywood business say that the profit margins for plywood lie between 12-15% which is a good value.

When you decide to go for designer veneer doors in India, opting for the best plywood dealers in India becomes the utmost first responsibility of the interior decorator and his client. Moreover, here is where the clients and interior providers make mistakes, by not purchasing their choice of plywood.

Here are a few factors to be considered in the selection of designer laminated doors in India for plywood. If you choose the raw material of plywood from the modernist plywood dealers in India, you get these benefits:

  1. Saves money in the long run
  2. Keeps your furniture new
  3. Designer laminated doors in India keep your family safe
  4. Opting for woodwork saves time because its fitting and finishing is at the last
  5. Gives the place a stunning look!

Shop from authentic plywood dealers in India

If you have made up your mind to search for providers of designer veneer doors in India, taking the raw material from genuine and durable plywood dealers in India could be the best decision you have ever made. The very useful, practical and relatively economical designer veneer doors in India are widely used in both, residential and commercial complexes. Hence, designer laminated doors in India have become the top favorites for any new project or even the one which needs to be revamped.

The plywood dealers in India are known for offering top quality standard products to make veneer an integral part of the space.

Buy designer veneer doors in India from Us!

Customizing designer laminated doors in India from the top plywood dealers in India i.e. Timex Plywood and Doors, would be the most intelligent decision you would have ever made. We are reputed plywood dealers in India and have provided efficient designer veneer door services in India to a substantial number of clients. The wooden craftsman take privilege in designing your plywood with our products. So, to give your place an appealing look with designer veneer doors in India, always remember to contact us as soon as possible in every smart way!

Tips for Plywood & Wood-Based Interior Decor

Every individual wants to live in a luxurious house which comprises exorbitant home décor. As the focus shifts towards comfortable and ultra-modern living, interior designers have started paying attention to the type and quality of the material they use for offering the best services to their end customers. It is been found out that the rising popularity of quality plywood and wood-based interior décor escalated the wood imports in the last fiscal decade.


As you go on adding required furniture at your house, it is observed that after some time the place becomes flooded with numerous things and then, there comes a point when it runs out of storage space. How do you resolve this, specifically if the furniture degrades within a year or two? To ensure this doesn’t happen, it is best to rely on home décor providers that use the best quality plywood brands in India.

What is a better choice to design furniture? Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) or plywood – form an integral part of the furniture – whether it involves kitchen necessities or bedroom essentials. The best quality plywood brands in India would agree that it stands an upper hand over MDF due to its popularity. The plywood trading in India emphasizes the higher-grade plywood like stain and cabinet as they are much better and have an excellent catchy look.

How to care for your plywood furniture?

Plywood furniture is durable and has become a prerequisite for almost all Indian houses due to its stunning look. Even if you have designed your house looks from the best quality plywood brands in India, it is important to take the necessary steps to ensure it is long-lasting.  Some effective yet useful methods to keep your plywood furniture remain good for a long time by the best quality plywood brands in India are –

  • Dusting                                             
  • Brushing
  • Combating Humidity
  • Cleaning Spills
  • DIY Cleaning Solution
  • Accessorize
  • Protection from Sunlight

Exotic Plywood Furniture

Exotic wood veneers, MDF, different grades of plywood – MR, BWR 303, Gurjan 710 or WP are the core raw materials for plywood use to give an exotic look.  The attractive options in home décor are:

  1. Accessorize with decorative veneers
  2. Custom cabinets
  3. Statement furniture piece
  4. Veneered doors
  5. Dark colour for small rooms

Plywood Trading in India

Plywood furniture is in demand due to its sturdiness and cost-effective prices. Timex Plywood and Doors is the best quality plywood brands in India which offer exceptional quality and sturdy plywood or wood furniture. The company is on the primary list of distributors who handle plywood trading in India and are known to give optimum services to their clients such that they keep coming for more. To know more about it, check out the testimonials from our site and build your heavenly abode with us. We promise to deliver quality plywood furniture within your budget. So, don’t waste your time only pondering where you shall get such efficient services. Simply, get in touch with us. 

Simple Ways to Add Plywood Elements to Your Home Decor

Indian furnishing is fond of wood furniture in the home arena. Since woodworks have always been a part of Indian homes, it is quite simple to add those traditional to modern plywood elements to complete your home decor look. But as the designing models for furnishing has been changing, families are confused on what to opt for as an additional woodwork that matches everything.

Here is a list of something that you can really look at:

1. Casing door frames or room entrance with plywood

The idea of using a dark, rich shade of wood case on every room entrance or doors would definitely add to that royal touch at home. Look at the top plywood brands in India that provide interior services of wooden door cases with unique decorative appeal. Styling every entrance of different rooms will create a lovely experience of being home. Also, these are easy to clean and maintain for years if you select a quality, termite proof wood.

2. Partitioners for praying rooms

Like every part of home, Indian families love to decorate their praying room with beautifully painted walls, peaceful looking furniture, flower hanging space and so much more. So, to this, if we add an attractive partition made of wookword, wouldn’t that be great? Well, they don’t just come in greater outlined designs but also colors and sheets to add to.

Considering the idea, you can also make your entire praying room entrance carved with plywood designs like an entrance to a temple, for example. You could also opt for such artwork made of plywood into your bedroom space or modular kitchen space or your balcony; just as you like. Discuss about what you prefer with your interior designer and select the best shade of wood art that can complete the outlook to your room.

3. Wooden blocks as wall decoration

Even a simple block of plywood can be used to decorate your house walls to give it a brick effect, somewhat like a cafe wall. Yes, that’s actually not as difficult as it sounds! You can create a wall texture by adding different colors of plywood blocks to it parallelly giving it a brick-like effect and making it extremely ravishing to glance over. And, your guests are going to love it too. Plywood manufacturers in India design plywood of many colors like dark brown, matte brown, black, yellow and even grey to make it simpler for you to choose for this type of wall decoration.

4. Plywood trays at wall edges for showcasing

You must be aware of glass trays randomly placed around your walls at any height to place a showpiece or any craft adding up to your interiors. You can replace this design with a wooden ply tray instead that has a shiny polish, flat rich shape and an elegant design. The best plywood company in India would suggest adding such trays above a TV cabinet, living room or bedroom wall edges. Using them you can showcase art, craft, lights or any decorative items to enhance the beauty of your home.

Why Choosing Plywood: Hire the Plywood Manufacturing Companies in India

It could be really intimidating at the thought of decorating your home. This is especially true if you are a first-timer. However, it is important to brainstorm to make your home interiors look perfect because your interiors reflect your personality and show your identity. This is the reason why many choose the plywood for the foundation of their home furniture. Unfortunately, with so much advancement and continuous research leading to new inventions, everyday one is bound to get confused to decide which the best material for their furniture is.

The key here is to not settle for the good enough stuff but to choose the best. Also, deciding between solid wood and plywood gets many confused. People do not understand whether to hire plywood companies in India because they are not sure whether to opt for hardwood for their furniture or choose plywood.

If you are one of them who is hesitating to hire the plywood dealers in India because you are not sure what makes plywood different then here is what you should know about plywood to compare it with the other wood varieties. 

What exactly is plywood?

Plywood is basically manufactured wood that is made from multiple plies or layers of some thin wooden chips that are glued with each other using an adhesive in order to form a panel of a suitable thickness. The plies are oriented in such a way that the direction of the grain in one of the ply is rotated at an angle of 90 degrees in relation to its adjacent plies. This helps to enhance the strength as well as the dimensional stability of the plywood. The plywood companies in India will be able to explain and also show you how this is done and why this is an important property of plywood that makes it a suitable option for your home furnishing.

Solid wood, on the other hand, gets milled directly from the trees, unlike plywood. The solid wood gets produced from wood slabs that get sawn from the logs and these are then kiln-dried. The drying process helps in eradicating moisture content to a huge extent and this gives the wood strength but this is not enough to let the solid wood fight against shrinkage because of the changes in weather. Most of the plywood manufacturing companies in India will refer to plywood as composite wood.

Where can you use plywood?

Plywood is your perfect choice if you want to use it in applications that make use of sheet materials that are not prone to any chipping, warping, and shrinking. The plywood dealers in India will tell you that you can easily use plywood to make bookshelves, cabinets, sofas, study tables, storage containers etc.

If you just look at the appearance then it may seem that solid wood is a better option as compared to plywood. However, that may not be true. Solid wood is definitely strong but plywood is even stronger. It is all about the method of production and processing that makes plywood a better choice for your home furniture.

Let’s Choose the Right Plywood for your Modular Kitchen

Planning to design a modular kitchen for your brand new home? Before you go for kitchen equipment hunting, you should sit with your interior designer and decide on the ideal plywood for your kitchen.

Here are some factors that you need to focus on before purchasing the plywood for your modular kitchen:

  • They should be Durable: This should be on top of the priority list. What’s the use of a pretty designer cabinet if it falls apart just few months after being a part of your kitchen? Or a wall rack that comes off within weeks after installing it? Your kitchen needs durable, strong and heavy duty plywood that would make for great interior furniture pieces comfortably last for a good amount of years. Timex is amongst the best plywood manufacturers in India where you will get to purchase good quality durable sheets for your kitchen.
  • Resistant to Water: Water is one element that you simply cannot avoid in your kitchen, whether it’s for cooking, washing or simply keeping cold dishes out from the freezer on your cooking station.  So kitchen is naturally the place where the moisture levels are always quite high. Most major plywood manufacturers in India suggest to go for water-resistant quality plywood sheets or else you will have to face the problems of worn out doors, insect affected wall racks, borers all over the kitchen cabinets, moisture fungus on the wall racks etc.
  • Should have Fire-Retardant Properties: Fire in a domestic kitchen is a common occurrence and it unfortunately can have devastating effects on you and if you place oven and microwave on the wooden surface that is not fire-retardant then the whole scenario can be highly dangerous. Apart from improving safety standards, usage of good plywood sheets will also give you peace of mind where you can cook without any worries and tension.
  • Termites & Borers Resistant: You definitely need to save your kitchen from the harmful and destructive termites, borers, insects… plywood sheets resistant to all of the mentioned elements mean that you will have a safe and sound kitchen where you can work comfortably without any worries.
  • Eco-friendly: Plywood sheets that are not only of superior quality and durability, but also something that is cruelty-free and not at all harmful for the environment.
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