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Tips for Plywood & Wood-Based Interior Decor

Every individual wants to live in a luxurious house which comprises exorbitant home décor. As the focus shifts towards comfortable and ultra-modern living, interior designers have started paying attention to the type and quality of the material they use for offering the best services to their end customers. It is been found out that the rising popularity of quality plywood and wood-based interior décor escalated the wood imports in the last fiscal decade.


As you go on adding required furniture at your house, it is observed that after some time the place becomes flooded with numerous things and then, there comes a point when it runs out of storage space. How do you resolve this, specifically if the furniture degrades within a year or two? To ensure this doesn’t happen, it is best to rely on home décor providers that use the best quality plywood brands in India.

What is a better choice to design furniture? Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) or plywood – form an integral part of the furniture – whether it involves kitchen necessities or bedroom essentials. The best quality plywood brands in India would agree that it stands an upper hand over MDF due to its popularity. The plywood trading in India emphasizes the higher-grade plywood like stain and cabinet as they are much better and have an excellent catchy look.

How to care for your plywood furniture?

Plywood furniture is durable and has become a prerequisite for almost all Indian houses due to its stunning look. Even if you have designed your house looks from the best quality plywood brands in India, it is important to take the necessary steps to ensure it is long-lasting.  Some effective yet useful methods to keep your plywood furniture remain good for a long time by the best quality plywood brands in India are –

  • Dusting                                             
  • Brushing
  • Combating Humidity
  • Cleaning Spills
  • DIY Cleaning Solution
  • Accessorize
  • Protection from Sunlight

Exotic Plywood Furniture

Exotic wood veneers, MDF, different grades of plywood – MR, BWR 303, Gurjan 710 or WP are the core raw materials for plywood use to give an exotic look.  The attractive options in home décor are:

  1. Accessorize with decorative veneers
  2. Custom cabinets
  3. Statement furniture piece
  4. Veneered doors
  5. Dark colour for small rooms

Plywood Trading in India

Plywood furniture is in demand due to its sturdiness and cost-effective prices. Timex Plywood and Doors is the best quality plywood brands in India which offer exceptional quality and sturdy plywood or wood furniture. The company is on the primary list of distributors who handle plywood trading in India and are known to give optimum services to their clients such that they keep coming for more. To know more about it, check out the testimonials from our site and build your heavenly abode with us. We promise to deliver quality plywood furniture within your budget. So, don’t waste your time only pondering where you shall get such efficient services. Simply, get in touch with us. 


Published by Timex Plywood and Doors

One of the verticals of brand Timex, Timex Plywood & Doors is known for manufacturing and supplying finest quality of plywood and doors to customers. Timex Doors are pre-pressed using Latest Technology, while the core of Timex plywood is made from Gurjan hardwood logs imported from Southeast Asia.

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